I think I have a potential medical malpractice case. What do I need to do?

Cases against doctors and hospitals are complex and difficult cases, in part because of the medicine involved but also because of who defends those cases — insurance companies and large corporations with limitless resources and huge defense firms with large support staff infrastructures from law partners to associate attorneys to paralegals and legal assistants, IT technicians, and investigators.  You will need an experienced attorney you represent you.  Medical malpractice cases are not resolved by demand letters, and they very rarely resolve before filing a lawsuit.  If you try to go it alone, you may quickly run into legal scenarios that you are unprepared to respond to and may jeopardize your claim or miss an important deadline that will bar you from seeking recovery.  The first thing you need to do if you think that you or a loved one has been harmed by a health care provider is to contact an attorney licensed to practice in the state in which the harm occurred.