How long do I have to file a case against a doctor or hospital in Oregon for injuries?

In Oregon, you only have two years from the time that you discovered your claim — or from when a reasonable person in your position should have discovered his or her claim — to file a lawsuit.  This two-year statute of limitations is the law in the state of Oregon.  See ORS 12.110(4)  In Oregon, you can not file a lawsuit for a treatment or operation that occurred more than five years ago, unless there was fraud, deceit, or misleading information that prevented you from discovering the claim.  


These deadlines mean that you cannot delay until months before two years have elapsed to first contact an attorney.  Investigating a medical malpractice case takes time.  Medical records requests can sometimes take several weeks to be processed, depending on the provider, and there must be enough time for the attorney to have the records reviewed by a medical expert and craft the complaint.  Attorneys who handle medical malpractice cases will not be able to take your case if the statute of limitations is quickly approaching, and they do not have the time to do what needs to be done.  You need to meet with an attorney right away and well in advance of deadlines.